General Dentistry

Routine Dental Care

Seeing your dental team regularly brings many benefits including simpler treatments and often lower costs

Prevention better than cure

Visiting your dentist regularly means issues can be identified and treated early, as well as giving you advice and support to prevent them.

By careful examination, x-rays when needed, and prevention advice our team help keep your mouth healthy.

In addition we always screen our patients for gum disease, oral cancer, and a variety of other conditions which present in the mouth. This helps look after your general health and wellbeing.

Children’s Dental Care

We encourage children to attend from soon after birth. This allows us to give you all the right advice on looking after your child’s health right from the start.

We also have a number of preventive treatments we offer children including fluoride varnish application. We also screen children’s teeth as they develop, ensuring timely referral to an orthodontist if it will benefit your child.

Dental Plan Coming soon

We do not want cost to be a barrier to you accessing the best level of care for you.


Do you see new patients?

Yes we are still welcoming new patients. You can see our fees here.

How often should I attend?

Your dentist will recommend a recall interval to you based on your own individual oral health risks. This can range from 3 to 24 months.

What Our Patients Say